About Healing Travel

Over 25 Years of Experience in the field of Natural Treatments Curing serious illness

Healing Travel International consists of a team of naturopaths with over twenty five years experience, who have developed great expertise in the knowledge of the treatment of various diseases

Impressed by the positive results of the south american herbalists and healers , we have assembled a team of health care providers that have acquired experience and a good knowledge of these countries natural healing methods.

Acknowledging that it is difficult for an ill and fragile person to get in touch with a renowned healer, we are offering all the services to assist people with incurable diseases in Modern Medical Systems, such as Cancer, Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus.

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What sets us apart?

Over 25 Years of Experience in the field of Natural Treatments Curing serious illness

Selecting Healing Travel is sure to bring you several benefits. Furthermore, these benefits even guarantee a greater value for your money and ensures a comfortable set throughout the duration of your treatment.

Some of the several highlights that set Healing Travel apart from the rest, are as follows:

  • - An efficient 100% Natural Treatment

  • - Accomodation according to the North American & European 5 Stars Hotel Standards

  • - An efficient team of qualified and experienced naturopath, herbalist, and nursing staff

  • - An effective Treatment provided by an Authentic Healer recognized Internationally

  • - A Constant supervision during the whole duration of the journey by our experienced team

Our Shaman Healer

An Internationally Renowned Shaman

Healing Travel proudly works with a Shaman who comes from a long line of traditional shamans of the Peruvian Amazon and the quechua ancestors, He has devoted his life to healing through the ancient knowledge and shamanic rituals of the Amazon combined with the knowledge of the multiples herbs and plants from the highland that grows only above 2000 meters and have been used by this rare group of people for centuries. He comes from a lineage who has mastered the knowledge of dietary herbal medicine in his region. His knowledge of natural plant remedies is extremely vast.

He assesses each patient as a unique individual, and has proven that He can foster one’s health in a manner that enables the body to heal itself even if the person is suffering from a serious illness.

We are very lucky to work exclusevily with this shaman who is renowned internationally by the name Eddin for his effectiveness .

Healing Naturally

Herbal Remedies

Plants have been used for healing wounds since ancient times. Healing plants work in several different ways: Some have anti-inflammatory properties, and some are antiseptic, keeping germs from infecting wounds. Others are astringent and help tissue contract, which controls bleeding. Read more about Plants that Heal

Soothe skin, fight stress, and more with these potent plants and herbs View these 12 exotic healing plants.

Today, using plants to treat disease is widespread in most cultures. And did you know that many herbal remedies can be found in your garden? Check out a list of common remedies that may have you reconsidering what's a weed.

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